I Still Matter needs you at *One Spark*

We’ve been working really hard over here to try to create a successful One Spark for I Still Matter and here’s what we’ve been up to: Developed an idea for a community puzzle (the pieces are blank) that people who stop by our booth can paint, draw, or design as they wish. We purchased ten […]

Ericka’s Story: Ana, Mia and Ed

It’s national eating disorder awareness month, and the theme this year is “I had no idea.” For a long time, I had no idea that there was anything wrong with the things that I was doing. A really brave friend finally spoke up, and I’m grateful for that. I had no idea that it was […]

How “I Still Matter” Was Born

My name is Carmen. Here’s how I Still Matter happened. I Still Matter was an idea I came up with five years ago. Initially I wanted to work with the elderly population but I could never truly bring the concept to life. A few years later when I was out of work I decided to […]