Coloring Book Giveaway!

August 2nd is National Coloring Book Day and we are giving away THREE of our coloring books! I Still Color is a fundraiser created by 52 local and international artists. Here’s how to enter your name in the contest:


1. “Like” the above picture on Facebook. We will share the morning the contest starts.

2. Share this post means share with your friends on Facebook after you “like” the post. You may also share on Twitter or Instagram. If you really love us and want to get the word out about I Still Matter you could do us a blessing by sharing on all three!

3. Color something and share your creation with us! It IS National Coloring Book Day, after all. Use #ismcolor so we can see your creation {#ismcolorgives is to share the post on Instagram and Twitter and to be entered into the contest} If you already own a copy of I Still Color and are able to share an image from it you get bonus points for being so awesome.

*Entries accepted from the U.S.A. only

*If you win (and aren’t local) you will have to give ISM staff your address so we can mail your book to you