Inside Out at Baptist Health

I Still Matter’s mission is to foster mental and emotional healing through art and creative expression.

One of I Still Matter’s goals is to help reduce stigma within our community. We do that through sharing our art exhibit specifically created to minimize stigma titled Inside Out. We are happy to share the news that Inside Out is being displayed on four Baptist Health campuses in Duval County and neighboring county, Nassau. Baptist Health recently shared the partnership on their blog and you can read the story here.

I Still Matter volunteer, Meri, completed a canvas for Inside Out and she was interviewed by Baptist. Meri courageously works toward reaching out to and encouraging others through her volunteer work with I Still Matter. Please take the time to read the story and learn a little more about how art and community is changing lives!


We especially thank Melanie Patz, Vice President of Community Investment and Impact at Baptist Health, for listening to and believing in our cause and for collaborating with us over the past year. We are also grateful to have received an honorarium from Baptist Health. Your support encourages us to continue to do healing work in our community!