I Still Matter needs you at *One Spark*

We’ve been working really hard over here to try to create a successful One Spark for I Still Matter and here’s what we’ve been up to:

Developed an idea for a community puzzle (the pieces are blank) that people who stop by our booth can paint, draw, or design as they wish. We purchased ten puzzles that all interconnect so that makes one giant puzzle!


Anyone will be able to complete a piece of the puzzle. This idea helps reiterate that we are all an important piece of the puzzle in minimizing the stigma around mental health.

We’ve created partnerships with several people that support our project! We’ve connected with some really creative individuals recently including the local chapter of NAMI  (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Chamblin’s Uptown, Church of the Redeemer and Baptist Health to name a few.

Designed and printed 500 business cards! Designed and printed 300 ISM stickers!

I Still Matter also hired Black Key Designs to help us create a poster for our One Spark exhibit titled Inside Out. The flyer should be complete and ready to go to print by the end of the week.



Here’s how YOU can help:

1. If you truly believe in the project and want to be a part of working at our booth at One Spark please contact Carmen at [email protected] or send a message using the Facebook.com/istillmatter page.

Here’s what is happening at the booth:

a. We will need puzzle facilitator’s. Art supplies will be scattered about on the table and facilitator’s will be the ones helping make sure the supplies are (mostly) organized, make sure the water for paint is (mostly) clean and ready to use and will be talking to people about our project and listening to people’s stories while they are drawing or painting a design. This is, after all, the heart of I Still Matter. (Sharing stories and listening to others)

b. I’d like to have individual’s there that completed a 12×12 square for our moving art project titled Inside Out. You guys are the perfect ones to be able to share the experience with others and tell people who know nothing about ISM why it’s important.

c. We will need some volunteers who are familiar with (or who can easily become familiar with) the Inside Out project and squares in order to help people navigate through the artwork and help them make sense and meaning from the project.

We will also need people to walk around in the One Spark crowd and creatively invite people to our booth. We should have a lot of traffic (because we are in a super awesome location) but it would still be helpful to ask people to come visit us!

You can also help by sharing our amazing poster (I will post once it’s completed) on Social Media outlets like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You could also email it to anyone you think would be interested in supporting the cause for the sake of mental health! OR you can give us the email addresses or names of anyone you think would be interested in creating a partnership with us!

Another way you can support ISM is by helping with blog posts. With all of this One Spark business we’ve been really distracted and haven’t had time to spend writing. If you have an idea or a story to share about mental health we are glad to hear your ideas! Contact us at [email protected] or through our Facebook page.

What we are still working on:

We still need to cover costs for printing posters and flyers.

We are also looking into turning ISM into a 501(c)(3), or non profit organization.


Another way to help is with financial support or donation supplies. Here is a list of current needs, if you are able to help. The items do not have to be brand new!

Paint: acrylic, oil or watercolor

Collage items such as: Mod Podge or found objects like buttons, wooden game pieces, rusty metal items, etc.

Tape and glue

Glue guns/glue sticks

Beads and string. Bracelet making items.

Scissors, Rulers, Protractors

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

~ Your friends at ISM