New Women’s Group

Welcome! We are so thrilled to introduce a new peer recovery & wellness group, as part of our art programming, called Surviving To Thriving! This group is designed specifically for women that have experienced trauma and it would not be possible without the support and partnership of The Women’s Center of Jacksonville

Debbie Reed will be leading the Surviving to Thriving Healing Arts group. After attending an “Inside Out” art exhibit, Debbie started attending some of the healing art groups offered by I Still Matter, as a way to foster her own healing. She embraced the use of expressive arts as a healing modality and wanted to use the same approach to start a trauma-informed group for women. Debbie has worked locally as a university instructor for the past ten years and is a licensed registered mental health counselor intern. Debbie identifies as a peer and recently opened her own business, The Brimming Cup, which offers online individual and group therapy. You can read more about Debbie here.

About the group:

Surviving to Thriving is a peer-recovery and wellness group that uses a trauma-informed perspective for women who have experienced some form of trauma. Our group will focus on using expressive arts as a healing modality to support each other’s health and well-being. Surviving to Thriving will gently incorporate information on trauma so group participants can better understand how it affects their own healing, coping, and decision-making. Each group activity is designed around SAMHSA’s 8-Dimensions of Wellness.

I Still Matter believes that every human is a creative being and you don’t have to call yourself an “artist” to participate. There is no fee to attend. We would like to start our group on time but if you are running behind, please come on in! In order to honor one another in a calming and peaceful environment we ask that no children attend. Ages 18+ may attend (15+ with parental permission) On-site trauma informed advocates will be available for all participants. 

Groups will be held the last Tuesday of each month and will run from 6-8PM.

Females only | 18+ | No children please