From Mental “Illness” to Mental Wellness

I Still Matter, Mental Health America of Jacksonville and Where Is The Sunshine? have partnered to help design this years Mental Health Summit. This Summit will be the first peer-centered conference since the Summit began 4 years ago. Some of this years topics include:

Suicide Prevention

Advocacy & Legislation

Using Art to Promote Wellness

Military Children & Youth

Sand Tray Therapy

Stress Management for Mental Health Professionals

Diet & Nutrition

Cultural Competencies in the LGBT community

Keynote Speaker: Bill Carruthers. Read more of his story on CNNYou can expect a new and unique experience this year as the conference is centered around SAMSHA’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

Below is the speaker/breakout session lineup.

ISM’s Founder, Carmen Joyce, is teaching a workshop on Art As “First Aid” When Working With Families. 

Join your peers in the “Dimensions Room” where we will explore the 8 Dimensions of Wellness as we put our words into actions by providing a space for decompressing, de-stressing and just plain old fashioned fun:

Drumming | Coloring | Yoga | Learning | Planting | Creating | Sharing | Journaling

Thursday, October 4th from 12-1:30 there will be a PBS advanced screening of: God Knows Where I AM (Facebook event link here) Watch the trailer here Purchase a ticket here

You may remember when I Still Matter won a Ripple Effect Award from MHA JAX! (We are still excited and proud!) This years Ripple Effect Award will be held as part of the Summit at a luncheon,

October 5th from 12-1:30 and you can purchase tickets here

Learn more here