Tissue paper tree DIY

This week’s project has it’s roots in growth and change. Just like trees change for the seasons, a person can change shape and morph into something new and different! My inspiration for this piece came from Spring, a math teacher & friend, Pinterest, orange trees and cherry blossoms!

Materials needed: white board (mine was  or back drop (could be anything), tissue paper, Mod Podge, a paint brush (or anything you can rub glue on tissue paper with-fingers?) and scissors (or tear the tissue paper)

unnamed For my background I used light blue tissue paper. I cut out not-so-perfect squares out and glued them to my white board. The next thing I did was forget to take photos of the background once it was complete. 🙂 I added different colors to the white board and pasted them down with Mod Podge. After the background was complete I decided to make two trees.


After I completed the backdrop I cut out leaf shapes with different color greens and then I made some tissue paper flowers. Here’s how I did it:

unnamed-3 Start with 4 small pieces of tissue paper, add the glue then roll them into petal shapes




Now add a small bit of color for the center of the flower. Just rip a tiny piece of tissue and roll it up into a ball. Add a drop of glue to the center and drop in the little ball.



unnamed-10I added some pink blossoms.


It takes a little while for the flowers to dry. I let mine dry overnight and the next day they were perfect. I thought it would be neat to add some words and I didn’t want to write them myself because the tissue paper made the surface really lumpy. I got these cool stickers fromunnamed-12Michael’s Craft store but I found them online here really cheap! Here’s what that looked like but I didn’t like it so I removed them.


Here’s the end result…just ignore that bamboo that’s holding up the design.


Hope you find inspiration in this project! If you create your own and would like us to share it on our Facebook page please email us!

Happy Creating!