Raise Your Words

I Still Matter is looking for guest bloggers to share their thoughts, stories or poems with readers on our blog. If you are considering submitting something you’ve written email Carmen at [email protected].


If you’ve never written a blog before but would like to try, here are a few things to remember.

1. Be real.

People respond and relate best to blogs where they sense the writer is being honest about the material. It’s generally pretty easy to tell when someone isn’t being authentic. If the material is honest it’s much easier for readers to relate and gain insight into your words.

2. Be relevant.

Your words should somehow relate to the website’s content. As you know, I Still Matter is passionate about providing resources to individuals that lack access to resources or otherwise need more support. Previous bloggers have written about personal experiences related to their own struggles and how they overcame and some have shared their poetry and artwork.

3. Be visual.

Everyone loves photos! Please make sure you have rights to the photos you provide along with your blog. If you’d like ISM to edit your photos or help you put them into a collage, etc. just ask!

If you have any other tips share them in the comments below!