Good Gal contest will be on First Coast Living!

If you live in Jacksonville you’ve probably seen this logo around…


It belongs to Client Focused Media (CFM), otherwise known as the people who bring us BUZZ magazine. Today we received word that CFM and Mike Davidson Ford will be speaking about the iVotetoGive contest on First Coast Living tomorrow, including those of us who are in the lead in votes.


Times are 11AM and 2PM, tomorrow: Wednesday, June 17th. I Still Matter staff will not be involved but one of the goals of this contest is to help local non-profits by helping promote their goals and name and that’s what will be happening tomorrow on the show!

PARC Foundation graciously nominated I Still Matter’s founder, Carmen Marino, as Jacksonville’s “Good Gal” for this contest so you’ll be hearing their name along with ours. We are blessed to still be in the lead, however, some people are catching up (and it’s making us kinda nervous). We love all the individuals that have been nominated in this contest but we think we deserve to win because we’re still the little guy! We need help up the ladder and that’s what we are asking for when we ask for your vote. Please take a moment to share the link with just 3 people. EVERY single vote helps! {}

Thank you for your support. Don’t forget we are still looking for bloggers to share their stories of trials and hope in order to encourage others. I Still Matter is meant to be a forum for YOU. You are welcome to take advantage of it! #raiseyourwords